Federal Gov't closed Thursday


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was you getting an eye problem? could not see your self going to work tomorrow :biggrin:
:lol: something like that.

in all seriousness, my head started getting that pressure feeling today like when you get allergies or a cold ... behind the eyes ... think it's the storm/barometric pressure or something. it's still lingering, even after an allergy tab and some naprosyn. :frown:


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:smoochy: Gawd I love you!!!!! GREAT IDEA!!!
and Izzy could conveniently blow it right into a trash can that gets quietly emptied at the dump Saturday :cool:

of course, she might have another one on hand for you. :ohwell:


But wait, there's more...
Is Pax

the only place having employees report tomorrow (aside from state)? :confused: I think State and Pax should follow OPM ... it's not like the 'cane is gonna only aim to take out Feds ... unless it's a conspiracy :frown:


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I'm MFing Ehrlich. I will not hold my breath that HE will give the state workers the day off. When we had the snowstorm earlier this year, the Federal workers were off and we had to take liberal leave. Never mind there was 18 inches of snow on the road and none of the secondary roads had been cleared. I am going to work at the butt crack of dawn so I can leave early.
I remember having to drive in WHILE it was coming down, then four hours later when we were starting to get some good stuff they decided to cancel and close up shop...