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FBI lost count of how many paid informants were at Capitol on Jan. 6 — later performed audit to figure out exact number: ex-official

The FBI had so many paid informants at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, that they lost track of the number and had to perform a later audit to determine exactly how many “Confidential Human Sources” run by different FBI field offices were present that day, a former assistant director of the bureau has told lawmakers.

At least one informant was communicating with his FBI handler as he entered the Capitol, according to Steven D’Antuono, formerly in charge of the bureau’s Washington field office.

D’Antuono has testified behind closed doors to the House Judiciary Committee that his office was aware before the riot that some of their informants would attend a “Stop the Steal” rally thrown by former President Donald Trump but he only learned after the fact that informants run by other field offices also were present, along with others who had participated of their own accord.

The Washington field office had to ask FBI headquarters “to do a poll or put out something to people saying w[ere] any CHSs involved,” he said, so they could get a handle on the scale of the FBI’s spying operations at the Capitol that day.

“We started getting responses back” from FBI headquarters, added D’Antuono, which helped identify which field offices had planted confidential informants in the crowd.


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PELOSI LIED! Former Capitol Police Chief Sund Testifies He Had 3 Calls with Pelosi on Jan. 6 – Pelosi Said They Never Spoke – But Sund Says He Has the Receipts!

Chief Steven Sund has been outspoken of Nancy Pelosi and her failures to secure the US Capitol that day.

It has been widely reported that President Trump asked for the National Guard three days in advance of January 6. But Pelosi turned him down. She refused to call in the National Guard despite numerous warnings of possible violence.

Pelosi then refused to turn over information about her culpability in the security breakdown during the Jan. 6 riot for over a year to congressional investigators.

Steven A. Sund, the Capitol Police chief on that fateful day, not only confirms her culpability along with the rest of the Democratic leadership. Sund reported that Pelosi utilized him as a scapegoat and forced him to step down as Police Chief. We all know now she was just trying to obfuscate her own responsibility for the attack.

The day after January 6, Nancy Pelosi blamed Chief Sund for the security failures that day. Pelosi insisted she never spoke with Chief Sund the entire day.

On Tuesday Chief Steven Sund refuted Pelosi. Sund told the subcommittee he spoke with Pelosi three times on January 6 (while she was running the building with her film crew.)


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BREAKING BIG: Via House Judiciary Committee Republicans – FBI LOST COUNT of How Many Paid Informants They Had in the Trump Crowd on January 6!

From the document.

D’Antuono explained that due to the large number of CHSs present at the Capitol, the WFO asked FBI Headquarters “to do a poll or put out something to people saying w[ere] any CHSs involved” so the FBI could try to ascertain how many CHSs had been in attendance.5 D’Antuono stated after the outreach from Headquarters was “when we started getting responses back.”6 As one example, he recalled that a CHS from the Kansas City Field Office was on site at the Capitol and had allegedly been in contact with his handler while at the event.7 The CHS reported to his handler “while they were in the crowd, I think, saying that they were going in. They were trying to stop some of the action happening and they left or whatnot.”8
This new information is extremely concerning. It suggests that the FBI cannot adequately track the activities and operations of its informants, and that it lost control of its CHSs present at the Capitol on January 6. These revelations reinforce existing concerns, identified by Special Counsel Durham, about the FBI’s use of, and payment to, CHSs who have fabricated evidence
and misrepresented information. 9 The Justice Department Inspector General also identified critical problems in the FBI’s CHS program, including the FBI’s failure to fully vet CHSs and the FBI’s willingness to ignore red flags that would call into question an informant’s reliability.10


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Well, Well, Well, Look at the 'Conspiracy Theory' the J6 Cat Finally Dragged in. Why Now?

“60 Minutes,” The New York Times, Adam Kinzinger, and the FBI’s favorite J6 Capitol protester has gotten a slap on the wrist for what sure looked like helping to incite the January 6 riot at the Capitol Building. Why now?

Ray Epps, the man the news media said was the object of conspiracy theorists of the “hard right,” was charged Tuesday with one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct for his antics at the Capitol Complex on Jan. 6, 2021. It has taken the federal government more than two and a half years to bring the single charge against Ray Epps.

There will be no political gulag in Epps’s future. He will not be moved 13 times, making it difficult for an attorney or family to find him. No, that happened to the “Q Anon Shaman,” as he revealed in my interview on the Adult in the Room Podcast.

Epps likely won’t be thrown in a cell the size of a closet to waste away his days in prison, as many J6 defendants have. He likely will be able to shelter at home for all upcoming news interviews to once again reiterate that he did nothing wrong on Jan. 6. His record will reflect a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge that probably will present no impediment to him for the rest of his life.

It’s likely that Epps, a former member of the Oath Keepers, was charged now because the men the feds wanted to put away, the Proud Boys, have been sentenced.


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Now There is Evidence the FBI Planned the January 6 Operation and Planted Documents Days Earlier That Were Later Used Against Innocent Americans

In February of this year, The Gateway Pundit’s Cara Castronuovo wrote about a shocking development in the US government’s case against the Proud Boys.

it was discovered that the Government itself was the author of the mysterious “1776 Returns” document.

The 1776 Returns document is the title of a 9-page paper that outlined strategic plans for the takeover of US government buildings on January 6, 2021

It was confirmed in court that the FBI was behind the document and and FBI operative was the author of the document.

The mysterious document was sent unsolicited to Proud Boy Chairman Enrique Tarrio’s Telegram right before January 6th by a “love interest” named Erika Flores.

Flores reportedly testified to the January 6th Committee that A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL was the author of the entirety of the “1776 Returns” and that this FBI and CIA member or associate asked her to share it with Tarrio!

Tarrio was charged with Seditious Conspiracy and was later found guilty along with four fellow members of the Proud Boys. Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for planning the entire “seditious conspiracy.” We now know that it was the FBI who was behind the conspiracy.

According to the Motion by attorney Roger Roots:

“It appears that the government itself is the author of the most incriminating and damning document in this case, which was mysteriously sent at government request to Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio immediately prior to January 6 in order to frame or implicate Tarrio in a government- created scheme to storm buildings around the Capitol. As such, Exhibit 528-1 and the government’s efforts to frame or smear defendants with it, constitutes outrageous government conduct. This is either entrapment or outrageous government conduct, or both. Equally improper, it is a Brady violation because the Department of Justice must surely have known these revelations before putting Special Agent Dubrowski on the stand on February 9 to introduce this evidence.”

You can’t make this stuff up!

Apparently, an individual by the name of Samuel Armes is responsible for writing the “1776 Files”.

Armes is “a former State Department and Special Operations official” who was also interviewed by the January 6th Unselect Committee.
Armes said “he recognized components of the document as ideas he had composed as part of a “war gaming” exercise he did in August or September of 2020. Armes “co-founded a Florida-based cryptocurrency LLC — Government Blockchain Systems” “Armes said that in college he had been groomed to join the CIA and FBI before his stint in the State Department and special operations. . . . In his studies, he often participated in “war gaming” scenarios, skills he used during his stint in government.” (*The J6 Committee was resistant in releasing these documents.)

To reiterate, this government asset, Armes, passed this document off to a “love interest” of Enrique Tarrio named “Erika”, who then testified she forwarded the document AT THE REQUEST OF ARMES to Tarrio via Telegram.

“This means that the most damning document in this trial was authored by the intelligence community—someone “groomed” by the FBI itself,” said Roger Roots (the Proud Boys attorney who authored this Blockbuster Motion). “And this CIA and FBI asset requested Tarrio’s friend to share the document with Tarrio just prior to January 6.”

According to the Motion- “During Special Agent Dubrowski’s chilling testimony, Assistant U.S. Attorney Conor Mulroe took lengths to emphasize segments of the document describing a plan to lay siege to Capitol Hill by strategically occupying most of the congressional office space around the Capitol. Jurors were informed of this written plan to “fill buildings” “with patriots”—and were left to think it was a plan of Tarrio’s or co-defendants.” It was not.

The plan was concocted by the FBI and planted inside the Proud Boys Telegram page days before January 6.

The document laid out a plan for the occupation of eight key buildings in the District of Columbia on January 6, 2021. This included House and Senate office buildings and the Supreme Court. The strategy included a call for the mass-mobilization of followers, invoking the sentiment and spirit of 1776 and the 1917 storming of the Winter Palace by Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution.


It is unknown if Tarrio read or even opened this document sent to him by Armes through Flores, yet the Government used this dopey “war gaming” exercise as a major part of their case against Tarrio and the Proud Boys.

Tarrio had nothing to do with the creation of these plans and they were simply “sent” to him via Telegram by a “love interest”, yet the Biden DOJ misled the already biased jury to believe the document belonged to Tarrio- and the Dishonorable Judge Timothy Kelly allowed this charade to proceed, even though he was aware of the document’s history from pre-trial hearings!

Back in July 2022, Liz Cheney and the January 6 Committee called in Samuel Armes to testify. Armes is a young college grad who just started his professional career in Florida.

The J6 Committee called in Armes after a previous witness, Erika Flores, told the shameful anti-Trump committee that Armes told her to pass on his “1776 Returns” document to Enrique Tarrio, Flores’s love interest who Armes had met at least two times. Armes reportedly insisted that Flores get the document to Tarrio before the January 6 protests.

It was all a setup organized by the FBI.

Flores already told the committee that Armes, who was being groomed by the FBI and CIA while in school, told her to pass the insurrection document on to Enrique Tarrio.

There is NO EVIDENCE that Tarrio ever looked at the document. There is NO EVIDENCE that the Proud Boys studied the document. And there is NO EVIDENCE that the Proud Boys used any of the tactics that Armes wrote about in the document on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol. Proud Boy member Ethan Nordean later told The Gateway Pundit he laughed when he heard about the document because it was so absurd.


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Really, He's Not a Fed: Prosecutors Recommend an Outrageous Sentence for Ray Epps

Ray Epps, the only person who was captured on video actually telling people to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6. 2021, has just been recommended for a six-month sentence, while others who entered the Capitol when police opened the doors for them and walked around for awhile taking selfies are facing years in prison. What’s going on here? The most obvious explanation is that Ray Epps is or was a fed, and a leader of efforts to fabricate a Jan. 6 “insurrection” in order to frame and destroy Donald Trump. But surely the leftist elites wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing, would they?

The Daily Wire reported Tuesday that federal prosecutors have “requested” that Epps be given six months in prison for his role in the fictional “insurrection.” This recommendation of a slap on the wrist only comes after Epps avoided prison for two years while numerous others caught up in the Jan. 6 riot have languished in the D.C. gulag for three years now. Even more suspiciously, Epps became an establishment media darling, the subject of admiring profiles from the New York Times and 60 Minutes, even as these outlets treated everyone else involved in their sagging “insurrection” as Adolf Hitler incarnate.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that Ray Epps is a government employee and a deep state agent provocateur, consider this. Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who never told anyone to go into the Capitol, got an 18-year sentence for his role in the alleged “insurrection.” Ray Epps, meanwhile, has been recommended to serve six months, despite being captured on video on Jan. 5, 2021, saying, “I’m gonna put it out there. I’m probably gonna go to jail for it, okay?” He didn’t. “Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol. Into the Capitol.” The people around him in the video aren’t buying it and start chanting, “Fed! Fed! Fed!”

At another point, Epps says, “Tomorrow — I don’t even like to say it ‘cause I’ll be arrested…” He wasn’t, and no one has ever explained why not. Someone in the crowd responds, “So let’s not say it.” “We need to go —” Epps continues, and looking at the man who told him not to say it, insists, “I’ll say it. We need to go in to the Capitol.” Once again, his exhortation is received with derision among the supposed “insurrectionists” he was addressing.

Even that isn’t all. In yet another instance, Epps is caught on video saying, “We are going to the Capitol, where our problems are.” Pointing, he makes sure protesters know where to find the place: “It’s that direction. Please spread the word.” Epps is also on video whispering something to those who pushed down the barriers between the protesters and the Capitol just before they began breaking down the barriers; then he is seen running with them toward the Capitol.


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$30 Million Wrongful Death Suit Over Jan. 6 Protester Ashli Babbitt’s Death Details Shooter Lt. Michael Byrd’s Extensive History of and Incompetence and Misuse Involving Firearms

A new historic wrongful death and negligence lawsuit on behalf of January 6, 2021, police-murder victim Ashli Babbitt’s estate details Officer Michael Byrd’s incompetence and multiple revocations of his firearm privileges for previous dangerous incidents.


The filing continues, “After demonstrators filled the hallway outside the lobby, two individuals in the crowded, tightly packed hallway struck and dislodged the glass panels in the lobby doors and the right door sidelight. Lt. Byrd, who is a USCP commander and was the incident commander for the House on January 6, 2021, shot Ashli on sight as she raised herself up into the opening of the right door sidelight. Lt. Byrd later confessed that he shot Ashli before seeing her hands or assessing her intentions or even identifying her as female. Ashli was unarmed. Her hands were up in the air, empty, and in plain view of Lt. Byrd and other officers in the lobby.

The Washington Examiner reports that the suit was filed on behalf of Babbitt’s estate and her husband, Aaron Babbitt, and claims the officer who shot Babbitt was “incompetent” and “dangerous” and should have recognized Babbitt posed no threat to Congress when she entered the House speaker’s lobby.

More from Judicial Watch and the court filing:

The lawsuit argues that, based on prior incidents involving Lt. Byrd, the Capitol Police, Capitol Police Board, and ultimately Congress, as Lt. Byrd’s employer, “knew or should have known that Lt. Byrd was prone to behave in a dangerous or otherwise incompetent manner:”
Less than two years before January 6, 2021, on or about February 25, 2019, Lt. Byrd left his loaded Glock 22 – the same firearm he used to shoot and kill Ashli Babbitt – in a bathroom in the Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) complex. Lt. Byrd’s loaded Glock was discovered during a routine security sweep later the same day. Approximately 15,00 to 20,000 people pass through the CVC, which serves as the main entrance for visitors to the U.S. Capitol, daily during peak season (March-July). Lawmakers and staff charged with oversight of the USCP were not made aware of the incident until contacted by a reporter.
Lt. Byrd’s police powers had been revoked on more than one occasion prior to January 6, 2021, for failing to meet or complete semiannual firearms qualification requirements.
In fact, Lt. Byrd had a reputation among peers for not being a good shot. Under USCP’s range management system, an officer who fails to meet firearm qualification requirements is given one week of remedial training. If the officer still fails to qualify after remedial training, police powers are then revoked until the officer qualifies.
Lt. Byrd’s police powers also were revoked for a prior off-duty shooting into a stolen, moving vehicle in which the occupants were teenagers or juveniles. The stolen vehicle was Lt. Byrd’s car. Lt. Byrd fired multiple shots at the fleeing vehicle in a suburban area. Stray bullets from Lt. Byrd’s firearm struck the sides of homes nearby. An official investigation found that Lt. Byrd’s use of force was not justified.

Previously, Judicial Watch received a memo on the Jan. 6 shooting “recommending ‘that the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia decline for criminal prosecution the fatal shooting of Ashli McEntee [Babbitt],’ also noting that the shooter, U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, ‘did not create a police report or documents’ related to the shooting of Babbitt,” the watchdog reported.

If this were any other police officer in America, or if the victim was a leftwing protestor or a thug on the street with black skin, leftist groups would be up in arms over the incident, and the officer would be terminated. Why is Robert Byrd treated any differently than Derek Chauvin, the officer who pled guilty to federal charges in the 2020 death of 46-year-old George Floyd, which sparked dangerous and costly riots nationwide?


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Justice Department Hides Ray Epps’ J6 Case and Plea Deal from Public View (VIDEO)

Ray Epps’ case files and information appear to have been scrubbed from the Department of Justice’s webpage after he was given a sweetheart deal, despite leading the actions that sent many to prison on January 6, 2021.

It is unclear if the FBI sealed his case after giving a lenient “punishment” to Epps.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Ray Epps was charged, and the DOJ gave him a plea deal because he cooperated with the FBI!

Epps is one of only a handful of mysterious characters who directed Trump supporters toward the US Capitol that day.

He was the only person caught on video directing Trump supporters to go toward the US Capitol.

Anyone who touched a Trump sign that Ray Epps drove through the crowd and prosecutors called “an enormous battering ram” was denied bond and subject to lengthy prison sentences – except Ray Epps.

Ray Epps riled up mob of protesters at the US capitol, which arguably led to severe consequences for Trump supporters, but Epps got off for cooperating with the FBI. Was he sent there by the FBI?

And now, his name and case don’t even appear on the Justice Department’s website or Google searches.

Via Brandon Straka on X:



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I still dont get how nobody has tracked these jokers down. Wheres he guy with the gotcha videos? Seems right up his alley.


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This article raises some really good questions about the pipe bomb. It has the video from that day which I hadn't seen before and has some very bizarre reactions from the police and secret service. I think the guy that walks up to the police car gets a bag from them and carries it off. I don't think he is telling them about the bomb, I bet he is the one that put it there.



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How much money has been spent pushing this Pelosi plan to destroy Trump?
IMO the whole thing was a plan set up by Pelosi to blame Donald Trump for the anger people felt because the democrats stole an election from them by means other than legitimate votes.


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Bomb-Sniffing Dog Was At DNC On January 6, Raising Further Questions About Undetected Pipe Bomb

Video from the same camera, released by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), shows officers’ curious reaction when they are notified of the bomb at 1:05 p.m. A man comes into the frame from the right, just as the bomb-sniffing dog did, and goes up to a police car and speaks to officers in a black SUV and a local police cruiser. The officers remain in their vehicle for several minutes afterwards, before milling about casually. They allow a group of children to cross the road and walk directly in front of the bomb. An officer eventually takes a picture of the bomb with his phone.

Harris exited the DNC at 1:17 p.m. The DNC would not tell The Daily Wire whether the building was evacuated after the bomb was found.

The supposed bomber was never found, despite the FBI using high-tech methods to track down hundreds of people for minor crimes like trespassing during the Capitol riot. The FBI released a wanted poster with only two grainy pictures of the suspect. A camera is trained at the bench where the bomb was planted, but no video from that camera was released of the bomb actually being placed.

Former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin told The Daily Wire that he was assigned to surveil the home of a former Air Force officer who, he was told, the FBI had quickly tied to the bombing by using cameras to follow the person into the subway, and identifying the Metro farecard that was used. He was blocked from interviewing the man, and quickly pulled off the surveillance and assigned to review mundane leads about trespassers, he said.


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Security Cameras Suddenly Pan Away as Bomb Squad Responds to Jan. 6 Pipe Bomb

The Epoch Times’ video review revealed that none of the Capitol Police security cameras that cover the DNC show the Secret Service conducting a security sweep of the property just before 11:25 a.m., in preparation for a visit by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. A dog and its handler were seen on video two hours earlier searching the same area in which the bomb was later found.

Capitol Police video also doesn’t show the discovery of the DNC pipe bomb by an undercover police officer at 1:05 p.m. that day.

When Ms. Harris’s entourage arrived at the DNC at 11:25 a.m., two agents stood in the street surveying the scene as three black SUVs pulled into the garage, video footage shows. After the motorcade is safely inside, four agents are seen on the driveway as a Secret Service SUV and a Metropolitan Police Department squad vehicle back into the driveway.

No bomb-sniffing dogs are seen on video just prior to, during, or after the arrival of Ms. Harris’s entourage, the video footage shows.