Feeling Gooooooodddd.


happy to be living
My step-daughter broke out in hives once, just boom all of a sudden and they were pretty impressive. It was like you said, we could see them raising on her skin, then the next day they were gone. We traced it to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, of all things. Must be something in there she's sensitive to.

Hope you're feeling better in the morning.
I worked at an estate sale for four days last week. This happened Fri 2- 3AM and I was at the sale at 9AM; tired and sour stomach (from puking) but made it through the day with no issues.
The weird thing was, we had all been talking about the shingles vaccine on Thurs and when I started itching and the welts swelling, I thought I had jinxed myself and got shingles LOL
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