Fish Catching on the Patuxent


Bill Curry has been asked to speak at Monday's night (May 6th) Southern Maryland CCA meeting held in Hughesville. Everone gets together at the American Legion Post just east of the intersection of Rt.231 and Rt 5. I copied his response from another board to post here for everone. It's a free meeting and open to the public. This should be a great time to brush up on where the fish are hanging at and how to catch them with out breaking the budget on fishing gear.

I had to promise to tell all of my hot spots and how I fish them.

Well folks I'm going to go one better then that. Not only will I tell where, I'll tell why and how. This stuff applies to not just the Patuxent but just about any place you can think of fishing.

What, not enough to get you off the couch!!

Well what if I tell you the wife caught me trying to sneak a new tackle box into the house and told me enough. Now I've got to clean out my rigs and lures and I'm going to be handing them out. That's right the same stuff I catch fish on, I will be handing out. My bad luck is going to be your good luck, so I can add some new stuff to try out this year.

Want to catch flounder in the Patuxent? I've got a rig to go with the places

Want to catch sea trout in the Patuxent? Got that covered.

Want to catch horse croaker in the Patuxent? Got that covered

Want to catch Rockfish in the Patuxent? Got that covered

Want to catch smallmouth in the Patuxent? Got that covered

Want to catch a few rainbows in the Patuxent? Got that covered.

Want to find a fish that pound for pound can out fight a marlin?

Ain't got a boat and need a few good shore spots for fish? Got that covered

Think bucktails are just for trolling? Think again

Want to know where to go and what works? Stop in get some tackle, take a few notes, or bring your map.

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Just a guess but wouldn't CCA stand for Charter Captain Association? I think there is a chapter at Solomons.


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fishing the patuxent ?

Is there somewhere online where we can get the answers to all those fishing questions ? ha ha ... my husband and teenage son are avid fishermen here in florida therefore we couldn't make the meeting but we are moving to the Pax river area in august and they would love to know all about the rivers, lakes and ponds in southern Maryland ( not to mention the Bay ) they can't wait to try their tackle and gear up there !! If anyone is willing to give a bit of favorite fishing advice , I know they will appreciate it . Thanks !