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Since we have DISH network now, we don't get the local shows, :frown: I would really like to see your show Capt Brady ... maybe I can get a friend to tape it for me ... but I have a suggestion ... perhaps a show geared to fishermen new to the area ... I am sure there are many people like us ... who have moved to the area and are unfamiliar to Maryland waters but love to fish and need all the advice and knowledge they can get ?:wink:

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The TV show is an advertising venue on GMP Channel 10, ( only in St Mary's County) following their Best Buys segments.

This year, as last, it is sponsored by the local distributor of Coor Light Beer. While it is true that GMP is always looking for ways for advertisers to buy their airtime, in this case, they were looking for substaintive material that would attract viewers. Nobody wants to just sit watching the tube, through ad after ad, without at least a little reward.

So, the show is 4.5 minutes long and is preceded by a Coors Light Beer ad. It runs about forty times per week.

It's not big show, but it is a challenge to cover a topic in the four and a half minutes.

Rane, I'll give your suggestion some thought .

Perhaps you could outline for us just what were the first great questions that you had in regards to So Md fishing.


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I miss the heck out of Channel 10. I used to watch it all the time!

Capt Brady - You're a SUPA-STARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

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With the fall rock trolling season approaching, one question a lot of people ask and I'm not really sure of the answer is exactly how far trolling lines should be placed behind the boat and how far a distance between lines you should have when, say, you have two or three rods in holders on one side of the boat. Not sure if there is a "definitive" answer or if it depends on depth, lure type, what you're fishing for or anything else. Probably not easy to demonstrate on land or in 4.5 minutes.

I usually catch your show each week and your knot tips were something different/useful.