Five Malaise-Era Muscle Cars that Are Worth Collecting


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As horsepower and performance figures went down, many iconic nameplates lost their appeal. The fact that most of them were also downsized in the 1970s didn't help either. But while American performance cars didn't move past the 200-horsepower mark until well into the 1980s, there are a few limited-edition Malaise-Era vehicles that are worth collecting in 2021.

The Ford Mustang SVO, Buick GNX, and the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am are three iconic examples, but I'm not going to include them in this list. This one's about the so-called "one-year wonders" that spent a very limited amount of time in dealerships.



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See, in the future, I expect HasHemhorroids to post about how his superior knowledge of...everything... and his constant self discipline in all things economical is what allowed him to get his dream muscle car... The '87 Shelby GLH-S.... if only us rubes could be so lucky...

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HO 400 or 428 cid

428 was 67-69 if I recall correctly. 1970 was kinna a weird year with lots of gm models.
Mine is a HO 455, ram air, turbo 400 Convertable. I bought it in 75.
I believe all of the 400's and the 455's offered in 70 were within say 30hp of each other.