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I really didn't pay much mind to these theories or the people that believe in them, but I saw a YT today of a guy who goes out of his way to disprove the flat earth theory. And then watched a few vids from the people who believe and promote the theories. And watched a few more. After about 15 vids, I was amazed at the theorists. Like.... holy carp are they ill. Even when presented with undeniable scientific proof that they are wrong, they still claim to be right and say the rest of the world is in denial.

They truly believe that Antarctica is not a continent, but rather a wall that encircles the rest of the continents. There is nothing beyond the wall. Space above us does not exist as we understand it. You can see stars but not the curve of the earth because of refraction of the air.

:crazy: Sorry if there are any flat earthers out there, but I just can't subscribe to this concept, especially after understanding the justifications.


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I love how there's this immense wall between us and God and it's 150 friggin feet tall.:killingme
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Every map of flat earth I've seen depicts water falling off into "space" (in quotes, because they don't believe in space...).

SO.... after billions of years, why aren't the oceans empty? Where does the water come from?


Just sneakin' around....
And if the "wall" is only 150 foot high, why hasn't anyone scaled it, photographed it, documented it, seen what's on the other side?