Florida Sheriff Tells Looters His Message To Residents: ‘I’m Highly Recommending They Blow You Back Out Of The House With Their Guns’


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Then he stated bluntly, “But please understand: let there be no misunderstanding at all that if you come here to riot, to loot, to injure people, we’re gonna lock you up in the county jail before ‘quick.’ And it’s not one agency or the other; it’s all of us working together.”

He held up a chilling picture of a rioter dressed with a professional mask and clothes to seal out pepper spray or other chemical agents, saying, “This person did not come to Lakeland yesterday to exercise his First Amendment rights.” Speaking of some of the people who came to Lakeland, he said, “They came here to create problems.”

He continued, “Well, the difference is that we’re not going to accept that in this community.”



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This is the message that should be going out, and with it a determination to make it stick.