Flower Preservation Recommendation


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I know there are a few others getting married in the near future, and I wanted to share the contact information for an awesome flower preservation business. My girlfriend got married in December '01 and had her bouquet pressed into an oval frame and her daughter's halo of flowers pressed into a circular frame - both are breathtaking!! The company also does shadow boxes, but they warn you that these probably won't last forever. I'm going to do one of the pressed designs with my bouquet - maybe the one with the invitation in the frame, or even the napkin. Not sure yet, but we'll see!! They're in VA, so you can either drive your flowers there (or have someone else do it), or mail them overnight.

Name - Everlastings
Website - http://www.everlastingflowerpreservation.com/index.htm
Phone - 1-434-985-8385