Football Injury


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So, I don't watch football, but its the only thing on the news. Looks like someone got seriously injured.

And they are all on their knees. THAT'S when they should go down on one knee.

Hope the guy is ok.


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💉 Officials released no new information yesterday about Damar Hamlin. Not even a vague explanation of his current condition, the underlying injury, his treatment, or any prognosis. Nada. But corporate media’s psyop team has engaged four-wheel drive and is driving the counter-narrative everywhere.

For example, MSNBC ran a goofy opinion piece by columnist Esther Choo headlined, “Why Damar Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest Is the Latest Anti-Vaxx Rallying Cry.” Uh-huh. The sub-headline explained it definitely probably wasn’t the jabs: “Cumulative experience with cardiac arrest among athletes playing competitive sports lets us know the likely culprits of this serious event.”

Calling the notion there have been more sudden athlete deaths recently a “debunked conspiracy theory,” Choo related a story about a soccer player who died on the field before news reported he’d not been vaccinated. She quoted a friendly, cherry-picked expert saying vaccine-induced myocarditis was super rare, how dare you:

Cases of myocarditis after Covid vaccines fortunately have been mild and tend to resolve rapidly. Medical experts believe it to be an unlikely cause of Hamlin’s collapse. “Such an event is so, so low in the list of possibilities,” cardiologist Sandeep Jauhar, author of “Heart: A History,” told me. “Most, if not all, NFL players have been vaccinated. Why haven’t we seen more instances of this event among other players?​

Indeed. But what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander. Why haven’t we seen more cases of commotio cordis among other players? Hmm? Speaking of which, is it just me, or did Choo appear to ever-so-slightly back off the commotio cordis hypothesis in this paragraph?

Hamlin’s collision with the player he tackled moments before his heart stopped stimulated discussion of commotio cordis, a phenomenon in which ventricular fibrillation — an irregular heart rhythm that prevents life-sustaining blood flow — is provoked by a blunt blow to the sternum. But what exactly caused his case remains to be seen.​

The phrase “stimulated discussion of commotio cordis” is hardly an endorsement of the theory. She didn’t quote any cardiologists about that ulra-rare type of injury, either.

Also yesterday, the BBC ran a very similar story headlined, “Damar Hamlin: How Anti-Vaxxers Exploited Player’s Collapse.” It begins quoting Marjorie Taylor Green, who tweeted that it’s time to investigate the covid vaccines. But the BBC disagreed. It was probably just your average healthy 24-year-old athlete’s garden variety heart attack:

A US study looking at athletes over four years found many unexplained deaths were in fact caused by cardiac arrest - a cause more common in male and African-American players…. There has been no further information about any underlying causes which could have contributed to his cardiac arrest.​

“His cardiac arrest.”



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If Hamlin has any hopes of playing in the NFL or negotiating a new contract, it’s not in his interest to discuss the cause privately. It could be jab-related but a much more plausible explanation is that it was related to the kind of professional sport he plays.

Not to mention he has a right to privacy around this.