Ford patent application reveals plan to remotely lock people out of cars for missed payments


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With the introduction of vehicle access services like OnStar that allowed cars to be locked or unlocked and even turned on or off remotely, speculation that such capabilities would be used against the owner was not far behind. Now, as Ford proudly promotes their “top-rated active driving assistance system” BlueCruise, a more than 18-month-old patent application revealed how they could repossess the vehicle if payments are missed.

On Feb. 23, 2023, the United States Patent Office published the Aug. 20, 2021 application by Ford Global Technologies that “generally pertains to systems and methods to repossess a vehicle.”

The 14-page document included diagrams and descriptions detailing a progression in communications that would ultimately result in the car driving itself to a lending institution or repossession agency should the owner fail to respond to notifications of delinquent payments.