Free Peonys


I still have these free peonys if you want to dig 'em up. They are more than one person can use. Come down Jones Wharf Rd to Gentle Touch Dog Grooming. Thats me. Bring a shovel.


I'm 2 old 2 die young!
I still want some so if you'll be home Sat morning, if I can find some help, I'll be by. I'll let you know before I come though


I am so very blessed
Man, the root systems on those plants are unbelievable. My back still smarts a little from all the digging I did a few weeks ago in getting some of them. The roots go especially deep, and they are very hard to disengage from the ground.

Be sure to take along a sharp shovel.

Thanks again, Spinner, for letting me get some of them. - BG