Friday, March 14th


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SO! We thought it was going to be just FH and myself, but turns out NextJen & her son were in the area running an errand and ended up stopping in and joining us for a drink. (She had the drink- NOT the son!)

We had already ordered our appetizer, the Tortilla chips & 3 dips: guacamole, sour cream with lime, & salsa. All were very tasty and the guacamole was very fresh! Only complaint, a little skimpy on the dips. At first we thought the chips looked skimpy in the basket, but there were plenty.

I had the Kah Muertos Margarita which was really yummy, but I think it would be even better on warmer day! :jet:

For my dinner, I ordered the Cubano sandwich, and they happily substituted the Asiago fries (fries sprinkled with shredded Asiago cheese and lightly browned) for a slight upcharge (fine by me). The fries were yummy and not foo foo at all! :biggrin: I'd never had any like that and they were quite good. The Cubano sandwich was toasted, with pork, capicola ham & swiss cheese and was VERY tasty. It had a bit of a kick to it, which at first actually made my eyes tear up & really opened up my sinuses! Once I figured out it was the Cuban mustard they said came on it and I got used to it, it was fine! :lol: So my review: the sandwich was very tasty. The fries were awesome.

Foxhound ordered what they said was a special tonight - Crab Fettucini Alfredo. He said it was delicioso and there were big chunks of crab - both lump & claw meat.

The place has a Pub type atmosphere, and was a little crowded when we arrived at 5:30. It's set back off of Rt 301 in a "strip mall" type of place - kind of like the Grid Iron Grille. If we were to have more than 6 people for 5-5:30, we would definitely need reservations. I think we left about 7pm and it was still nearly full. the wait staff were very nice & attentive. Overall, we had a nice time and would go again.


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It was good seeing you again, Bann and FH! Enjoyed your company. To add to your review, the Startled Pig (the drink I had) was pretty good. The mix of orange and bacon was a good mix and the strip of maple dipped bacon was yummy - even though my son didn't like it because it was sweet. I liked the Startled Pig more than I did the Pineapple Jalapeno Martini. I tried the two drinks that sounded interesting to me on their menu, so to save my wallet, I'd probably just stick to beer there in the future.


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Wish I could make but I will be helping doing the prep work for the Lusby American Legion Bull and Oyster Roast on Saturday. Now if you are looking for good food come on over the Bull and Oyster Roast on Saturday. The beef is fantastic, the oysters are succulent and the baked beans are superb.
Hope you had a great turn out. It makes for a great day with the family.