Ga. hand recount confirms Biden’s lead; president-elect speaks virtually with governors


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The last
proof that the software used in our election was designed to flip votes?

Rudy is running a disinformation campaign. Unhinged or not, he is a purveyor of lies and propaganda. If they have evidence, they can show it to anyone they want. Why haven’t they scheduled an emergency hearing to present their case?
the last 4 years have been nothing but one big disinformation campaign. Sorry to say it but this is now the norm.


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It was 4 years ago and I am not going to dig through the internet just to prove you wrong or right. It wa quite obvious that getting trump out was the agenda of the democrat party. And I never stated it was democrats in Congress that said it .

There’s at least two Democrats on that list who were discussing impeachment before he was even elected (from Maryland and Texas). Might be more; I stopped reading.


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I don't know how to keep rephrasing this in a way that you can understand.

Bare-ya-cuda said "they were discussing impeachment before he even became president." He/she then went on to say that he couldn't find where he/she saw that and CBA to go looking for it.

Skylark jumps in and says "who are they? no congressperson was discussing that!!!!!"

Meanwhile, rmorse found an article discussing impeachment dated before Trump was president. He quotes bare-ya-cuda as a "here you go, this is proof that they (as in, the media) were talking about it. Oh, and check it out...they even say that a few congresspeople are discussing it too!"

Skylark jumps in and starts attacking my source as if that makes any sort of difference on what I was showing (pro tip - it doesn't).

I'm over this btw. You can go ahead and wail and gnash your teeth about how it proves nothing and attack the source and do whatever else it is you do. I'm sure you'll continue to double down.
Wow. We use language in different ways. Your summary of the exchange isn't accurate, most notably you use of the phrase "discussing impeachment" instead of "announcing impeachment". Look, there was understandable confusion over who "they" referred to. If you want to feel like your article supported his position, then go right ahead. There were definitely MSM types and Republicans discussing the possibility of impeachment, but that wasn't relevant to the conversation we were having. It's over. Let's move on.