Gate breech at NAS JAX


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Detailed news is spotty right now. Gate barriers were deployed. 1 person got zipped up in a body bag. They have not said how this person died. Those gate barriers will do a number on a vehicle. The dead trespasser had no military affiliation.

So mental illness or religion of peace?

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Guessing it was the actual barrier (at high speed) that sent this idiot to their maker? Although the guards carry weapons, as far as I know, they are NOT allowed to use them without specific authorization from the CO of the bases.


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Story I heard was the guy was involved in a hit and run and was fleeing the scene. Took the wrong road.
Could be pure BS, but someone I know works at the base.


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Doesn't seem to be a reason to lose your life over this sort of mistake.
Our new national Sheriff just had a case where a guy that had recently been released from prison was involved in a hit and run on I-4.
He then drives off the interstate and runs to a nearby gas station. The story has a lot of irony for this poor soul (or sole in his case).
He's chased off by a woman who sprays him with gas, then another local uses his CCW to dissuade him, it goes on until he was captured back on I-4. Lucky for him people didn't run him over.
But you ask who would run from a hit and run accident, lots of people. How dumb do you have to be to try to enter a military installation, even dumber.
The real question, will his family sue for wrongful death.