Gaza Protests - Color Revolution


PREMO Member
🔥🔥 What I humbly suggest is that the highly-organized, well-funded campus protests might not actually be a totally organic movement of compassionate students hoping for change. Or at least, the change they are hoping for might not actually be improving the plight of the Gazans.

Instead, the organizers of this national protest movement may be hoping for change closer to home.

To me — and to Chris Rufo — it seems self-evident that the U.S. deep state is running a covert color revolution against us, the U.S. citizens. The most vexing part is that we are paying those nitwits’ salaries, directly or through government grants to the vast, countless constellation of corporate NGO’s and charitable, tax-exempt nonprofits lobbying governments ‘for change’ all over the world.

It needn’t even be the deep state. We are currently poking the eyeballs of world’s largest, most well-armed and well-funded countries. China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran all spring to mind. We have supported similar protests and fomented similar color revolutions in those countries, who are probably at this point feeling like payback is a moral imperative.

The most troubling thing is how difficult it is to tell whether the enemy action arises from our own intelligence agencies or from foreign ones. But either way, spy tactics only work in the dark. The best way to defang or disinfect whatever the spooks are cooking up is by shining a light on them.

In other words, before assuming these well funded, cookie-cutter campus protests are legitimate, consider first whether they might instead be fake, astroturfed, political protests-on-demand. Especially when you consider the proximate election, the stealth World War currently in progress, and the woke occupation of our intelligence services.

So what do you think? It’s a big idea. Let’s air this thing out in the comments.