General Interest classes?


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Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to the area. I am interested in taking some type of "fun" classes. I would love to take a cooking class or some type of interior decorating class. Does anyone have any information on a classes like these?


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You might check Park & Recreation for classes and I have seen in the paper (Enterprise) occasional cooking classes at the library. There is always CSM as well.


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Also, I know someone who does do the interior decorating class. PM me...and I will give you their name. Otherwise, if I announce it on here, I will get my hand slapped!


I'm not sure what exact area you live in, but the southern maryland higher education center in California offers all kinds of classes, from professional development, college classess, and other such stuff. Maybe not the fun type classes you are looking for, but it can't hurt to check it out. Here's the url.


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Another good place to check is the Pennysaver Community News section. There are often announcements for classes there.
However, beyond basket-weaving, quilting, knitting, and Hatha Yoga I haven't seen much.
If you find out about anything fun let me know! I think we need some more adult hobby classes. Like painting, or sculpture, or an outdoor group. I know that the college offers art classes but I would like to see something beyond that - at more convienent times as well!