General View of Islam in America?

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Originally posted by willie
Are you saying there are as many extreme Christians as there are extreme Muslims?

No, not necessarily. (Don't know how you got that out of my post.)

My point is that there are extremists of all religious persuasions. In America today, we fear Muslim extremists because of what they've done to us. But again, the hijackers are to Islam what Phelps is to Christianity: they "hijack" their religions and twist them to their own evil purposes.
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Surf City,

Two points you made caught my eye:

There's nothing inherently evil, harmful, or anti-American (as if that were the worst evil in the world) about Islam


The murderers behind 9/11 are to Islam what Fred Phelps is to Christianity. Both spread lies about the will of their gods. Both take hatred from their ancient scriptures* (that is, whatever can be taken as hatred by a twisted mind) and apply it by force to humanity of the 21st century.

For the first one, I'm not sure how it can be got around that what was attacked on September 11, 2001 was freedom itself.

Freedom for the Muslim or Christian or Jew selling food, sweeping floors and hawking newspapers on the ground floor all the way up to the Christian or Muslim or Jew on the top floor who may have thought they had it made, right up to the part where they were murdered. This includes people from over 100 nations and atheists, straight, gay. I'd think all people are represented in a cross section 3,000 souls wide.

Why do you feel that way?

For the second, I had to look up who Phelps was because I haven't seen anyone wildly celebrating his acheivements in the streets. From what I found on Yahoo he sounds like a pretty small, hate filled human being to me but I also couldn't find any murders.

Did I miss something?

He seems to think whatever happens to homosexuals is just to bad.

You seem to think whatever happens to the US is, using your words, "not the worse thing that can happen".

I'm interested in your thoughts because I see the actions and goals of an Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein far more dangerous to us ALL than some repressed nut ball thumping a religious text to any moron who functions on a base level.

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For the record...


In checking out Phelps' lovely web site, he hates me to!

edit: And Mr. Rogers, to!

And George W. Bush...

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