Girlfriend Asks If She Was Wrong For Choosing To Take A Medication Knowing That Her Boyfriend Was Allergic To It


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When she went to the doctor, she was prescribed penicillin, but because of her boyfriend’s penicillin allergy, they got into a bit of an argument about what they should do about it.

While we may not know the extent of her 27-year-old boyfriend’s penicillin allergy, it’s not impossible to believe that he is deathly allergic to it in the way that he claims he is.

“He told me that it couldn't be in the apartment and I can't take it around him because he was deathly allergic to it,” she continued. “He said I should get rid of it and take pain meds to get better on my own instead. I suggested that I could go stay at my parent's house for the next few days whilst I'm taking my meds.”

He claimed they would talk about it when he got home later, but she didn’t want to wait that long, so she decided to go to her parent’s house and take the penicillin to embark on her journey toward livelihood. However, things took a turn when she fell asleep safely at home.

“When I got to my parents, I stayed in bed for the rest of the day and fell asleep at some point. I woke up around 5 AM to loads of calls and texts from Jake and some mutual friends asking where I was,” she wrote.

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Umm, I scrolled through the entire page - where's the story you posted?

In any case....
Unless there's a simple alternative - boyfriend should just suck it up and deal with it until she is better.
If I had to take a medicine that one of my family was deathly allergic to, I'd leave the house and take it until I got better - and the family would understand.


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How does her taking a med affect him?

Anyway, I got sucked into the AITA sub on Reddit and after a short while I had to walk away. Weirdos in dysfunctional relationships have a short entertainment shelf life. It's like, for crying out loud if you people fight over this stupid crap it's time to call it a day. Also the 30-somethings who still live with their parents griping about house rules. GTFO already! Yikes...