Google CEO Flatly Admits That YouTube Practices Censorship


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Speaking with a journalist from Axios, Google CEO Sundar Pichai doubled down on recent statements made by Google’s YouTube, openly admitting that YouTube acts as a publisher, not a platform, as they censor what they deem to be too controversial to exist on their sites. By definition, “publishers” edit what is on their sites, which means they are responsible for the content, while platforms eschew censoring and are thus not responsible for the content on them.

As Adam Candeub, law professor & director of the Intellectual Property, Information & Communications Law Program at Michigan State University and anti-trust attorney Mark Epstein explained in The City-Journal in May, 2018:

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act immunizes online platforms for their users’ defamatory, fraudulent, or otherwise unlawful content. Congress granted this extraordinary benefit to facilitate “forum for a true diversity of political discourse.” This exemption from standard libel law is extremely valuable to the companies that enjoy its protection, such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, but they only got it because it was assumed that they would operate as impartial, open channels of communication—not curators of acceptable opinion.


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You can be a platform and still have basic standards/rules. No criminal activity, etc. What Google does is blatantly censor based on the political/social opinions of their corporate culture.

And that's fine, but they should have said so right off the bat or been clear when they changed their business model. As it stands, they did a bait and switch, which is illegal. They clearly offered one service and then switched it to something else once they had their audience hooked. And not only that, but they're going WAY overboard in censoring political/social opinion. They all are.

And you can't get away from Google. They own the internet. They've run off any competitors to create a monopoly, and THAT is against the law as well.

So basically we have Google breaking the sh*t out of a bunch of laws, and....crickets.

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SOMD Forums censors also.......

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If you really believe that, you're dumber than a rock.
Spanker is uncharacteristically accurate in that statement - they own it, they can make publishing decisions as they deem fit. And, get the proper responses from "customers", too.


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Spanker is uncharacteristically accurate in that statement - they own it,
sure ... until the company influence grows to a certain size and can be considered a Utility ... a digital public square

[I'm not saying this is right or wrong just a fact on what is coming]
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They want to editorialize their service, that's their prerogative. Doing so however should force surrender of protections afforded them by way of section 230 of the IDA.