Got a Sous Vide


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Hopefully Sneakers will correct my statement if it is incorrect.
Pretty much spot on. :yay:

The steak was amazeballs. It wasn't under-cooked at the bone, and not over-cooked at the edges, a perfect rare all the way thru. A quick high-heat sear on the grill after the water bath, and it was great. The strip steak part was as juicy and tender as a filet, and the filet portion practically fell off the bone when I grilled it. Need to figure out how to get a better flame sear, it's not on long enough to develop drip-flames.

A little more practice with seasonings and such, and then the rib roast.

So much for less red meat in the diet....

And by the by... it's pronounced Sue Vee


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Up until now, I have never heard of a Sous Vide and I am still uncertain what it is. Martha Stewart, I am not!
I had to look it up, too. Sounds cool in some ways, but I know myself and probably wouldn't use it right. It's one of those things I would want to try before I buy. I finally have a grill that I can cook a damn good steak on and not catch everything on fire, that's enough for now.😏


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Decades ago on travel, my evening meal might be an MRE after it sat in a sink full of hot water. There was always some issue of getting in late after everything was closed down. Or there was no transportation to go out to eat. Say what you want about MREs, if it's a choice between going hungry or an MRE, I'll always rip open a pouch. Plus I can use the crackers as a lethal weapon if the need arises.


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I always liked the crackers and peanut butter or cheese, but they always took a lot of massaging to mix the oil back in to it.


Just sneakin' around....
Thanx, very informative, and kind of confirmed most of my thoughts. On Cook's Country, they finished the steak by pan searing it in a bit of oil. I was also thinking of using an oven broiler like my mom did forever with London Broil steaks. But the forge method made me think... I have the base for my turkey deep fryer, and that's pretty wide and hot, and adjustable, and I've done burgers on it before. No doubt the real coal fire would impart the best flavor, but it takes time to get it set and going for one steak.