Grandstanding Acosta - But we hit 100,000 yesterday evening ....


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“Yesterday, the U.S. hit 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus. That happened at around 6 o’clock yesterday evening. It took until about nine in the morning for the President to recognize that on Twitter. What took him so long?”

“Look, the President recognized that landmark before we even hit it. The President — that was — after all, it was the impetus behind him lowering the flag to half-staff,” McEnany continued. “He did that for several days. And that was an acknowledgment of that number approaching, and he acknowledged it in a tweet this morning.”

Acosta responded, “But we hit 100,000 yesterday evening, and it took 13 hours — some-odd hours to for him to recognize that and tweet about it.”

“And far in advance of that benchmark, as I noted, he lowered the flag to half-staff,” McEnany responded. “The President has said – you know, you mention 100,000, but the President has said, ‘One death is too many.’ He takes this very seriously. He said, before, this is the hardest part of his presidency; it’s something that no one wanted to see happen.”


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How easy it is to stand back and throw rocks when nothing YOU do will ever be held to the same scrutiny. One of the burdens of being President is that many things - many tragedies - will be layered onto you by history, whether it's your fault or not. In a generation, people may or may not remember Trump fondly - but no one will remember Acosta. No one.

I'm reminded of TR's "Man in the Arena".