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Electric Grid Nearing Overload Due to “Green” Energy Push and AI

It’s one of the reasons I started prepping two years ago. We are one spark away from a breakdown, and our stupid policies of forcing people to use more electricity are a big part of the problem.
I just stumbled up this article.... they are concerned how much energy and water our washing machines require, however, they are full electrical charge ahead behind IA.

Microsoft's massive new AI data center is using up a small Arizona desert town's water supply and redacting its exact consumption from city documents.

The 279-acre campus in Goodyear will use an estimated 56 million gallons of water a year when it's completed - as much as 670 families need for a year, according to a report in The Atlantic.

The plant opened in 2021 with two buildings, and plans for a third, designed for use by Microsoft and the heavily Microsoft-funded OpenAI.

Powering AI requires vast amounts of electricity, which in turn generates heat and requires water to cool servers down.



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Powering AI requires vast amounts of electricity, which in turn generates heat and requires water to cool servers down.

Data Center Water Usage: A Comprehensive Guide

Why Do Data Centers Use Water?

Data centers use significant amounts of water on-site primarily for their cooling system, which comprises cooling towers, chillers, pumps, pipes, heat exchangers, condensers, and computer room air handler (CRAH) units. In addition, some computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units can be water-cooled, especially in larger installations.

Data Center Layout Cooling Systems Water Usage

Cooling System​

Data centers traditionally use two types of cooling methods: water cooling and air cooling. Water cooling uses water in different forms, such as in chilled water systems or cooling towers, to absorb and remove heat from servers, storage systems, networking equipment, and power supplies.

The most common type of water-based cooling in data centers is the chilled water system. In this system, water is initially cooled in a central chiller, and then it circulates through cooling coils. These coils absorb heat from the air inside the data center. The system then expels the absorbed heat into the outside environment via a cooling tower. In the cooling tower, the now-heated water interacts with the outside air, allowing heat to escape before the water cycles back into the system for re-cooling.

Google Data Center in The Dalles Oregon Releases Steam and Water into the Air

While water cooling is efficient and particularly effective in managing high heat densities, making it a preferred option for large ‘hyperscale’ data centers, it raises environmental concerns. One of the primary issues is the significant water usage, which is a pressing concern, especially in regions facing water scarcity.


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China and Blackrock – Biden EPA Rolls Out USA Auto Mandates Forcing EVs to Make Up Two-Thirds of Passenger Vehicles – Who Benefits?​

First, who was installed in the Biden White House in charge of all personnel and staffing? Catherine Russell. {SEE HERE} Who is Catherine Russell? She’s the wife of Tom Donilon, a long-time aid and advisor to Joe Biden who served in the Obama White House.

After serving as Obama’s National Security Advisor (prior to Susan Rice), Tom Donilon then went on to become “Chairman of the BlackRock Investment Institute {SEE HERE}.” His job was literally to “leverage the firm’s expertise and generate proprietary research to provide insights on the global economy, markets, geopolitics and long-term asset allocation.”

In essence, the Donilon family represented the interests of Blackrock in the White House.

Second, Tom Donilon’s brother, Mike Donilon is a Senior Advisor to Joe Biden {link} providing guidance on what policies should be implemented within the administration. Mike Donilon guides the focus of spending, budgets, regulation and white house policy from his position of Senior Advisor to the President.

In June of 2022, Blackrock’s Tom Donilon was then appointed to be co-chair of U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board {SEE HERE}, in charge of U.S-China policy. Can you see where this is going?


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I have seen video of baseball sized hail in Texas going through the roof of people houses. Does that mean they shouldn't build houses there either? The panels are supposed to be hail-rated, but obviously Texas likes to do everything bigger so maybe next time they will special order them with thicker plexy. Might lose a percent or two of energy capture but better then having to replace every few years.


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Biden’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rule for Vehicles Struck Down by Texas Judge

Specifically, it required state transportation departments and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to both measure their transportation-related emissions on the U.S. highway system and set their own emission reduction targets.

Additionally, the measure required state DOTs and MPOs to report biennially on their progress in meeting the declining targets. FHWA would also assess the state’s progress toward achieving those targets, according to the rule.

Texas sued the DOT in December, arguing the agency lacked legal authority from Congress to enact the rule, and that it violates the Administrative Procedure Act.

In his ruling, Judge James Hendrix of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas agreed, stating that the Biden administration lacked authority under law to impose the greenhouse gas emissions performance measure.


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Can ‘Clean Energy’ Schemes Get Any Crazier?

The US Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management recently designated two Wind Energy Areas in deepwater areas off the Oregon coast. BOEM is also reviewing offshore wind energy development options for the Gulf of Maine, Central Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and maybe Great Lakes.

They’re part of Team Biden’s plan to deploy 30,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy capacity by 2030 and 15,000 MW of floating offshore wind energy capacity by 2035. Capacity is what the turbines could generate, when the wind is blowing at optimal speeds, perhaps 30-40 percent of the year.

30,000 MW is what 2,500 12-MW turbines could generate. It’s enough to meet New York State’s current peak electricity needs on a hot summer day. Add the electricity required to replace gasoline cars and natural gas furnaces and stoves, meet surging AI, data center and streaming video demands, and charge grid-scale backup batteries – and New York alone would likely need 10,000 12-MW offshore turbines.


It’s almost as though these government officials actually believe they can solve the alleged climate crisis by simply issuing proclamations, regulations, pictures, press releases and subsidies – and Voila!

Mines open, raw materials materialize, and millions of wind turbines, billions of solar panels, billions of vehicle and grid-scale batteries, millions of miles of transmission lines, millions of transformers and other technologies get manufactured and installed – with no fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, toxic air and water pollutants, child and slave labor, or other evils (all at minimal cost), while endangered species and other environmental conflicts disappear (or are relegated to irrelevance) ... and cornucopias of clean, renewable, reliable, affordable electricity are rapidly generated worldwide.

It’s impolite to question fervently held beliefs in fossil-fuel-free utopias. However, a little reality is urgently needed before activists and bureaucrats take us any further down this primrose path.


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In Tennessee, state GOP legislators are passing a bill to ban chemtrails. SB 2691/HB2063 is being called a “conspiracy theory bill” by “local media” (The Tennessean is owned by Gannett). It’s not about chemtrails but about real-life plans considered by the Biden administration to spray metal into the air to block climate change. Literally, “scorch the sun,” Matrix-style, using something called Solar Radiation Modification (SRM).

SRM is the emission of reflective aerosols into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight and cool the planet. It sounds bad, which is why the Tennessee state senate passed the bill to ban all geoengineering and weather modification—it outlaws “conducting geoengineering experiments by intentionally dispersing chemicals into the atmosphere.”

In reality, almost no SRM experiments have been conducted, and we have little experimental data on what its effects would be. But what we do know about SRM is that its effects would be global, and the aerosols would remain suspended in the atmosphere for years.

Much of the power (or lack thereof, depending on how you see it) of the contemporary right comes from instinctual understandings of elite corruption that don’t always exactly match reality. There’s a feeling that the people we’re up against are pure evil and that they really would scorch the sky, and that feeling can be a uniting and powerful force. Hence the power of what the left constantly dubs as “conspiracy theories,” some of which turn out to be true (Epstein) and some of which are more feeling than fact (Qanon).

TN Republicans who passed anti-chemtrail bill may have just accidentally opened a Pandora’s Box that could hurt US farmers…



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No no no, they got it all wrong. Those are the "specially designed state-of-the-art" solar panels with duel suppose construction. They also generate electricity from the energy provided from the water's wave action. :killingme


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"Biden’s war on American energy has had disastrous results and Americans are reeling from high gas prices going into the summer," said Akash Chougule, AFP vice president of government affairs.

"From shutting down the Keystone Pipeline to banning energy leases on federal land, Joe Biden’s top-down policies have stifled our country’s energy resources and made even the things like a family road trip more expensive," Chougule said in a statement. "This week, we are spotlighting what gas prices could be with policies that unleash our country’s energy potential."

The first AFP gas rollback event kicked off Monday at 11 a.m. at the Sunoco station at 7701 Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh, and the events will continue through May 29, closing at a gas station in Oregon located at 13488 SE Hwy 212. AFP expects at least 4,000 drivers to line up at gas stations this week to fill up their tanks at a bargain price.

Sen. Cynthia Lummis, a Republican, will pump gas at one of the events in Wyoming this week, according to an AFP spokesperson.