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Yesterday we drove over 50 miles each way to get lunch. But it wasn't just any ole lunch. And it just wasn't any ole restaurant. We went to the mecca of BBQ. Black's! No, I'm not trying to be racially insensitive. The restaurant, located in the BBQ capital of Texas, is named Black's.

We've been to Black's 2 other times. We were going to try 1 of the other places in town. First it had long lines. And you had to get in 2 lines. First you stood in line to get meat. Then you proceeded to a 2nd line to get your sides. Anyone who has spent any time in the military knows about standing in line. The icing on the cake for me was the thick layer of dust on a lot of the knick knacks in their dining room. So we looked around then agreed to hightail it over to Black's.


Black's also had a line which was out the door and along the porch. They put out 2 large coolers of ice water as it was past 100 degrees outside. The group waiting ahead of us was a bachelor party from all over the country. After about 2 minutes waiting, we saw a couple get in line that were headed into the other place as we were exiting. I guess they didn't want to wait in those lines either.

Black's is nothing fancy but quite an experience at the same time. They boast they have been in business for 86 years. You pay for your meat by the weight, so order as much or as little as you like. You help yourself to the sides and desserts. In the dining room they have pickles, bread and everything else you need for dining success.

We got brisket, beef ribs, spare ribs & pork ribs. My side was rice that I could have lived without. The beef rib more than made up for it. Smoky, juicy goodness. Well marbled and extremely tender. Looking around the dining room was an eclectic collection of folks from different walks of life. College frat boys, bikers, locals, travelers. As in many thing Texas, there was a mixture of languages spoken.

When we were leaving there was a van parked next to us. The typical grocery getter. Out from the restaurant piles a bunch of kids, most being no more than 3rd grade. Vrai said to me what I was thinking, wait for them to get in before backing out. Some kids were so small you only saw the tops of their heads. They hop in and it looks like a clown car in reverse. All the doors shut but the tiniest kid is still outside the van right next to my door. By now I have the AC on and can't hear any sound from outside. Just then they must have noticed they were 1 tot short. I see 2 adults come from the other side of the van. They come right, so the little girl goes left. She thinks they are playing hide and seek. It looked like a comedy routine. Adults go left, kid goes right. Adults reverse course, kid goes the opposite way. Finally the little biter was rounded up. As we back out we spy a tiny shoe behind the van. We get the adult's attention to let them know there is gear adrift. They smile and wave at us as we head towards the cute downtown parts of Lockhart, TX.

The bonus is we have a huge trough of leftover meats to enjoy at a later time. So by the time you are reading this, I will be savoring some smoky beef brisket slathered in succulent sauce. Foodwise, it don't get much better.

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All the doors shut but the tiniest kid is still outside the van right next to my door.
This was hilarious but alarming at the same time, which didn't prevent us from making Home Alone jokes. I figured they'd head count and realize they were one short, but someone should have been holding that little girl's hand.

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After early dinner in Lockhart, we came home, walked the dog, and headed north to Leander for their little festival thingie. I found my perfect hat:



Awww, jeez
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Sunday we hit a record 112 degrees here. Today's 95 feels quite lovely compared to the other day. Honestly temps of 90 degrees here don't feel anywhere near as oppressive as the same temp in Maryland.