Greetings from Bastrop, TX


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Monello got up early, so went went to another Bastrop favorite for breakfast tacos.

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California transplants like to come to Texas and sit around at brunch arguing about who makes the best breakfast tacos (like they know what the hell they're even talking about). Fittie's is right up there.

A Texas breakfast taco is more what the rest of the world calls a rolled burrito. A flour tortilla, lightly grilled, then filled with eggs and whatever else you want, and rolled up. Mine gets brisket and serrano peppers; Monello's gets bacon, onions, and cheese. Fittie's has good BBQ as well, but honestly you can't swing a cat in Texas without hitting good BBQ - it's a given the BBQ will be excellent because the competition is fierce.

I told the owner, "I've been waiting a year to get back here to this breakfast taco," and he replied, "Well you're home now!"

Love it! Like the gift shop owner in Wyoming who said to us, "Welcome to America!" after we explained we lived in The People's Republic of Maryland. (he and FH had gotten into a discussion of guns - I think they might have sold them or had ammo for sale in the store.)



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Today I loaded up on Buc-ees raspberry scones. I don't know what it is a those things. Normally I'm not a big scone person. Cronuts yes, scones, not so much.


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Back in Bastrop, y'all.

This is our 4th time in Bastrop since June 2018. That is the most stops at any 1 location in our journey. It's like going to visit an old friend. We know the locations of all the businesses and places we want to visit. That might not be a big deal for people who stay in the same area for along time but for me there is a certain comfort level that comes with it. Think about it, each new place we go to, we have to rely on the GPS or find landmarks to get back to our campground.

We had a rainy 5 hour drive from Tyler. It was all secondary roads. Our route wasn't to any heavily populated area, so the roads were lightly traveled. We did go through a few small towns. There must be a Texas law that every town has to have at least 1 Mexican cantina.

Our first stop was to Neighbors Bar & Grill to see how they were fairing with the virus. They have now expanded, adding a beer brewing operation right next door in the old moonshine store. Then the lockdown happened. We spoke with the owner and he is way more tolerant of the government infringing on his business than I would be. But he has a great location right on the river. People want to go there and listen to music and drink micro brew beers and eat tasty food. They can have 75% occupancy but they still have to maintain 6 feet distance, so the place is missing more than half the tables. I'd say they are around 30% capacity inside and on the decks.

All the other haunts that we checked out are still there. Masks are mandatory everywhere here. I made a run up to Buc-ees this AM just because. If the Buc-ees owners wanted to, they could be the next Amazon and Google combined. People could go on Buc-ees crawls. Even though opening up a Buc-ees would put some convenience stores out of business, you never hear anyone disparage them for being a big box store and squashing competition. They pay well and they have a ton of employees on each shift. Plus they are a traveler's mecca with all sorts of thing for sale that you think you can't live without. In some parts of Texas, that are a distance from a Buc-ees, people will often ask travelers to pick them up a few special items when they pass by 1.

It's drizzling again to day. I just got my new Texas fishing license, so I'm ready to go hit the lakes. It's an annual license and will serve me well in New Braunfels, South Padre Island and any other towns on our way out of Texas next year.

If you ever find yourself in the Austin, TX area, this place is a nice day drive away.


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1 more thing. The levelers that were acting up last stop have miraculously fixed themselves. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they stay this way. I guess bouncing down the road has unbroken whatever broke them the last time we tried to use them.


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This morning my honey was up early and made the brilliant suggestion of going to Fittie's for breakfast tacos. :nomnomnom:

I love coming back to Bastrop and all my favorite haunts. And I'm glad to see that so far the small businesses we like to frequent have managed to hang on despite COVID BS.