Greetings from El Paso!


God bless the USA
But wait! There's more!

I frankly admit I'm a nation builder at heart. I love the USA so much and especially now that I've rolled around it, and I hate the thought that people are living in these horrible places and being disgusting when their country could be so amazing.

Oh, but their culture!!! :faint:

**** their "culture". It sucks and it makes them suck, which is why they risk their lives to come to the US. I honestly think we should overthrown every single one of these crap holes and liberate their people. They wouldn't have to come to the US because their own country would be terrific. I don't know how any rational person would argue that.
The USA should stop feeling responsible for other countrys’ problems. She has shiathole cities, too. Could the admin please add the thumb down/boo emoji to the “Like” button?
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That appears to have been a significant emotional event for you.
I've recovered. Mostly.

Today we went downtown because there was supposed to be an Arts & Farmers Market. Nope. And we met up with a bunch of other folks looking for the same thing, so it wasn't just us. But the downtown was pretty cool. It's laid out in five distinct sections for shopping, event venues, entertainment and restaurants, office complexes, and government buildings. It's hard to believe that less than 5 miles away is Hell.

We took a bunch of pics today, which I'll share when I get them off the camera. I'd have taken pics of Juarez but I felt that the drug cartels might not take kindly to that and would come git me.

We had lunch at Logan's Roadhouse, which I've seen all over Texas and never been to. It was meh, but at least now we know.


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When Juarez looks best: at night from far away. (Not sure how I got that light effect but I like it.)


Downtown El Paso


This is a very artsy city; most surfaces are decorated in some manner.


There's a very Old Mexico feel to it.



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This was the easiest Get Out Of Town day for us. Less than 60 miles. I10 had a bunch of construction that made for a few challenges. ANother state added to our RV road trip adventure map.

I had 1 of those moments driving today. I smelled something very nasty. I thought it was my sewage tank. I thought maybe something happened to it and now a foul smell was coming out of a breech of some sort. Then not more than half a mile up the road is a massive feed lot with thousands of steers that are destined to end up on little styrofoam trays. My pucker factor returned to it's normal level after that discovery.

I've had a few adventures while I served in the Navy. But running the roads with Vrai has been equally adventurous. 3 years ago we moved into the RV and started the prep necessary to hit the road. That time has flown by. If you get a chance to travel, do it.
If you get a chance to travel, do it.
That's my plan. Going to start off with a few camping excursions with the Slingshot and trailer, but I'll need to plan carefully for weather. No fun riding the Sling in the rain. Eventually, I see myself upgrading to a full-size trailer pulled by the truck.