Greetings from Tupelo, MS!


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Actually back in PCB now. Drove up to Branson for a week. Hit Tupelo for 2 days on the way back.

What a great little town. Roughly 35,000 people. Very Elvis centric. Spent most of the time at Elvis Presley birthplace historic museum. His birth home and the first church where he did his first solo is on the site. All the rest of the exhibits commemorate his time in Mississippi, before moving to Memphis at age 14.

Tupelo's downtown shows real well. Just 1 vacant store. No dirt, litter or graffiti. The town shows a lot of civic pride. Any store that can, capitalizes on the king. I don't blame them. The hardware store where his mom bought him his first guitar has taped an X on the floor to show where he stood for that transaction. He wanted a bicycle but got the guitar. His preacher taught him how to play the guitar.

Seems he was a shy kid. They have a lot of testimonials from people that went to school with him. Typical kid for those times. Didn't get in trouble much. Most of the museum's collection comes from a single person.

If you find your self down that way, it's a nice half day stop off. I'm sure a lot of fans make that the focal point of their vacation.