Gun confiscation in New York has begun


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If those that have sought help from a professional EVER in their lives lose their right to bear arms, then won't that just push people away from getting help? I thought we wanted people to seek help if needed? And military should be able to seek help in processing PTSD or any problems dealing with re-entry to civilian life without the added burden of wondering how that help with penalize them later.
See, this is where ya'll jump the fridge. We're not talking about people who see a counselor or a therapist; we are talking about people who are taking psychotropic drugs. These are drugs that affect your brain function, as they are designed to do, and many times with adverse effects.

Not terribly long ago we were fretting about the kid on Ritalin who flew a plane into some bank or whatever it was. Now you all want to give him a gun. Brilliant!