Gun Control Laws And Opposition


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Supreme Court Ruling Means NYC's Restrictions on Gun Licensing Are Unconstitutional: Federal Judge

New York officials "have failed to show that the broad discretion afforded to licensing officials" under city code "is consistent with the history and tradition of firearm regulation in this country," U.S. District Judge John Cronan said in his ruling.

City law lets officials reject applications for gun permits if they determine a person is not "of good moral character" or for any other "good cause."

The ruling came in a case brought by Joseph Srour, a New York City resident who applied for gun licenses from the New York City Police Department (NYPD) in 2018 and 2019.

NYPD officials denied the applications because Mr. Srour had been arrested, fined for traffic violations, and had his driver's license revoked. He was never convicted of a crime.

The arrests, Mr. Srour not disclosing them to the NYPD, and his driving record “reflect negatively upon your moral character and casts grave doubt upon your fitness to possess a firearm," city officials wrote in one of the rejection letters.


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In case you don't want to give her the clicks, this writer has willingly suffered through her video on your behalf and here is what she had to say:

Imagine you're in a bowling alley with a handgun, and a perpetrator walks in with a military-style weapon and a bulletproof vest ... there's literally no way you're gonna be able to defend yourself. Banning these weapons of war on the street isn't about infringing on you, it's about protecting you.

First off, let's just acknowledge that a very similar situation literally did occur not far in the past, and it only took FIFTEEN SECONDS to take down the perpetrator. Remember Elisjsha Dicken at the Greenwood Mall in Indiana? He used his handgun to take down a would-be mass murderer armed with a rifle. Pepperidge Farms remembers, and you bet your bottom that we here at Twitchy do, too. You can read our stories about it here, here, and here. Then she stupidly doubles down:



Power with Control

So, I think in her imagination, the size of the gun means everything. So she pictures the "assault rifle" as a huge man trained to kill. And the pistol as the proverbial 98lb weakling, literally unable to do anything against such overwhelming force. Like trying to stop a tank with a Mini Cooper.