Hail to the Enrons!

Larry Gude

Strung Out
I guess it's best to just sit back and watch the show as Mr. Snyder assembles all the pieces he wants, but this is sounding too much like when he got the Neon one  (which, I confess, I supported at the time) and Bruce and Carrier and…

Nothing points to a very successful college coach doing well in the pros. They usually fail miserably. Spurrier, while interesting, is a purely emotional choice, like Sanders.


Sherm Lewis has been in Baltimore for 6 seasons and has been of note for two of those years, the last two, with some great talent that he had nothing to do with getting. Now he is going to add that power, choosing the players, to a job that he obviously took because Snyder just kept raising the $’s until he could not say no. Now, instead of being part of a team and all the ups and downs and camaraderie, he is clearly a mercenary. Another emotional choice.


This team was probably a quarterback (or maybe just an off season) away from challenging for all the marbles, probably on an annual basis with the youth on the team and Marty’s history. They learned to win close games, which is the only significant difference between good teams and bad teams (everybody has talent).  

So, winning really doesn’t seem to be the goal to me and I say that definitely from an emotional standpoint.

Lewis is not bringing all those all-pros with him. Spurrier will not be preparing for Alabama.

The guy most suited to the task is now in San Diego.

Who they gonna get next? Kurt Warner seems a natural at this point. Maybe Tom Brady?

It is NOT boring, I’ll grant that.
This Snyder boy hasn't bought himself enough toys just yet. But he sure keeps spending a bunch of bucks trying to fix the biggest item in his toybox.

If 'Skins fans are lucky enough, Mr. Snyder will lose his fortunes by continuing to pay the contracts of former personnel and then be forced to sell the team to a more stable ownership interest. His current plan, "change everything every year until we win it all", isn't gonna work. Too bad 'Skins fans have to endure that. Only Bob Irsay (the anti-Snyder) could have been worse.