Happy birthday You Know Who!


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Not gonna name him because he didn't out his bday in his profile on here, but I still know it's his special day :party:

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I was hoping for a birthday cake smothered in pickled herring, lutefisk and gammelost. Got one that was covered with strawberrys instead...
Strange, because you would think strawberries would compliment lutefisk perfectly.

I felt compelled to look that last one up.

What does Gamalost taste like?

The pungent, brownish cheese has a taste that's been compared to such appetizing flavors as “a dog's bed” and “old socks”


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Someone asked me to describe the taste of gammelost..literal translation "really, really fawking old nasty cheese". I said I couldn't, but I opined that after eating a chunk of it, you would consider washing the taste out of your mouth with a half quart of milk that you'd left out in the sun for two weeks and be happy about it.

Gammelost makes toe cheese seem like a delicacy. Not that I've ever tried both, mind you..


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I've learned to avoid anything labeled as a "delicacy" or "acquired taste."
The story here is that only old folks from the Vestland/Sogn region still make and eat the stuff. Knowing some of the other things I've observed them eat, I'm convinced that their tastebuds were completely destroyed at some point. The other story is that gammelost is not exported because they can't make enough of it. Yeah..yeah, like I'm buyin' that story.

But driving through the backcountry roads of Sognfjord you'll still run across a "gammelost til salg" sign posted on the fence of some of the old farms. There is never a line to buy it.