Head Of National Teachers Union Blasted For Tweet About Moms Exiting Workforce, Blames Trump


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Social media critics, many of them parents, blasted Weingarten for suggesting it is the expense of childcare — and not teacher’s unions preventing a return to classrooms — responsible for women’s increased economic disadvantages.

“How can you possibly post this article in good conscience w/o also acknowledging the role of closed schools? You are a national ed leader w/both a platform & a responsibility to help solve this crisis. Instead of fear-mongering constantly, use your influence for good,” one critic fired back on Twitter.

“Yeah, it’s almost like when unions keep schools closed, the burden of ‘distance leaning’ falls on moms who are then forced to give up their careers,” Washington Examiner columnist Tiana Lowe added.

Others pointed out that child care workers were front-line essential workers during the pandemic, and worked through the COVID-19 lockdowns, unlike teachers.

“Thank God for childcare workers who showed up while teachers stayed home! If it weren’t for them, many more mothers would have had to quit their jobs,” one Twitter critic noted.