Heating/AC Maintenance Contract


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I'm thinking about getting an annual maintenance contract with a company to do AC and heating general maintenance and repairs.

Anyone know of a reputable/reasonable company that serves Calvert Co.?


I would go with York. They do gov't bldgs and private bldgs. They do both factory installation and general maintenance. Reputable? Heck, my brother installed new HVAC on the old bldg for the Hard Rock Cafe when it first opened in Wash DC. My brother did the HVAC work at the Pentagon, the Capitol, prisons, hospitals, and office bldgs(gov't lease/owned and private).


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Those of you that have the heat pump contract...does it include the compressor? How much?


Well speaking as someone who works in a government building. Having installed HVAC for the government is not a good thing. Our building got a new system last year and it hasnt worked right yet. The heat is on in May, the AC is on in December...one room is hot as hell the next an icebox.