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It was clearly holding. You can see the bunch mark on the KC guy's jersey where the Eagle guy had gripped it. The Eagle guy even admitted that he grabbed hold of the jersey and was hoping the ref didn't see it.

Eagle fans all like, "Let them play!" "So what? It didn't stop him." :bawl: :tantrum:

What a bunch of sore loser cheating pricks they are, which is what I expect from that shithole. Today the news is all like, "Oh, Eagles fans took to the streets of Filthadelphia to protest the bad call..." Because, yeah, they weren't going to riot in the streets even if their team won....


PA in general needs to be burned to the ground. There's something in the water there that makes those people insane and act like psychotics.


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I saw the score on the news this morning, 38-35.

Was there no one playing defense on either team?


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I wonder what sort of incentive he got to go out and say that.

If you follow the football team formerly known as the Redskins, you might be familiar with this famous non call at the end of a game where the skinnies were going in for the tying score.


In many states if you did what is depicted above, you would be charged with simple assault. But I guess the ref missed this call.