Humming birds.


happy to be living
After reading about feeding hummingbirds and how critical it is to keep the mixture fresh and feeder clean and disinfected, I decided years ago to attract them with flowers. It has worked like a charm!

I have been at Wentworth's nursery in PF twice in the past week and didn't see any. Last year, there were 20 or 30 of them buzzing around the hanging baskets.


We keep bird seed out in our feeder all year round, and suet cakes. We love to watch them. We had a goldfinch today which is rare. Need to put out the hummingbird feeder. Just didn't do it yet. We, actually, had ants in our kitchen last week. I didn't want to put out more sugar.

I keep a feeder out year-round too. It's better to do that in the winter when they have a harder time finding food. Plus it's great watching the (male) cardinals come by after it snows. They're so bright.

I have had goldfinches lately, but I noticed they were gone over the winter. We had the siskin a lot over the winter and originally thought it was a goldfinch that was molting :lol:
I'll have to keep an eye on how long the goldfinch sticks around for, but it seems to have replaced the siskin recently. :shrug: And I have a bird book so I checked to make sure I had the right species :lol:


happy to be living
We had a hummer on the potted porch flowers a couple days ago! This seems earlier than I have seen them in the past (then again, we are at a different location).

Sometimes, it's the small things that make my day!


..if momma ain't happy...
I put the feeders up and start looking for the hummers when the pine pollen starts filling the air.