I’m cheating on my husband and it’s all his fault


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A CHEATING wife has blamed her husband for her infidelity after she was made a 'golf widow.'

Fiona, 49, from Edinburgh, started an affair five months ago and claims it's all her spouse's fault due to the amount of time he spends on his favourite sport.

Since he spends up to 20 hours every week on the course, she's used this time to enjoy steamy romps with her lover and insists she doesn't even feel sorry about it.

She says: "It’s all he does. Right now it feels like he plays more golf than he does work. And I’m sick of it.

"I’m not some strict wife who expects him home for dinner at 5.30pm every day, I’ve never stopped him from going to the pub or what not, but surely there’s got to be a line.

"Now we’ve finally reached spring and the weather’s starting to pick up. It's even worse. The first sight of sun and he’s at the golf course.

"There’s never any question of spending some time with me, going on a nice walk or something. No, it’s all about golf.



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She's complaining about him not taking walks? She's not just walking with her FWB. She's making excuses and he's tired of her and playing golf. Time to nip that one in the bud and move on.


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Probably got married way too young and never developed interests/hobbies of her own. Now she’s angry because he has things outside of the home that interest him.

What a POS whore she is.