I am determined to hula hoop!


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I used to do it just fine at the gym - a good fitness hoop, 3 lbs, I could go forever.

Well now I'm older and fatter and slower and discoordinated, and that hoop just wants to jump down and bruise up my calves and ankles.

So the internet said that the bigger the hoop, the easier it is to get it going. My hoop is in 8 pieces for easy dismantle and storage, so I ordered another one to add to it and make a bigger hoop. It will be here tomorrow and I anticipate that I will then be hooping like a champ.

Just so you know, I pulled out Bug's. Epic fail, so far! 😂😅😂


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So here's a question for all of the forum scientific geniuses. I've heard this before, the bigger the hoop, the easier it is to hula. And it's true - seen proof. Why is it true though?
Because your thrusting can be slower and you have a larger margin for error