I knew it would happen sooner or


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Watching a Nationals game NOW, a large hairy gay man with a man bun and Hawaiian shirt seated right behind home plate with his boyfriend. They're getting close to making love. Guzzling cheap warm beer hugging his paramour. He knowns damned well, he's on TV. I dont know what MASN can do but Hey Happy LGBiTQX !!


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It’s everywhere. Last night on HGTV a lesbian couple looking for a house-not sure one of them wasn’t a transgender. So I flipped to another channel – naked and afraid. Something about the love connection series – wouldn’t you know it one of the males is gender fluid. I don’t even know what that means. I turned the channel to the top 40s music station


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Last time I watched HGTV, they were remodeling a home for a couple and their girlfriend.

They way I live and let live is by turning the TV off.


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Friend was living as a throuple. She was shocked when he left her for the 20 something other spouse!


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I see them ramming the agenda through even on commercials while on Prime...
It is an unrelenting agenda of "I am NORMAL and you MUST accept me!!!" (and the bills for healthcare related diseases and billions in therapists)