I loveee baseeeeballlll cho?


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damned hispanics..... while I'm at it, name 10 white baseball players..... and how sexist!!!! name 1 transDRag player!!!


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Latinos will dominate baseball for years to come. They sign dozens of teenage Dominicans and ship them off to summer leagues.

So while US kids are in school learning algebra and science, the latinos are honing their baseball skills for 6 hours a day when they are 15 years old.

Monellino played 2 seasons of baseball overseas. Many of his latino teammates were ex MLB minor league players. They told me the story of being shipped to Arizona at 15 to play baseball. The 1 guy admitted to crying every night missing his family and frustrated because he didn't speak English. But he was getting paid to play and his family needed the money.


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"So while US kids are in school learning algebra and science"

tonto americano, mientras tus hijos aprenden transexualidad, odian a su país, compran autos eléctricos, yo juego béisbol