I need help/suggestions please!


Does my butt look big?
Want to dig some fence post holes for 4 X 4's I have some fence post that need to be replaced in the pastures..


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Heh, wow... Didn't know I was gonna cause a stir. Its kinda fun though.
This should calm it down a bit. See? Nothing special.

Thanks for the advice guys. I actually got exactly what I was looking for today. A lady called around 2 pm offering me work. Worked for a few hours tonight, going back tomorrow morning.
Wow what a little cutie. :drool:


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Kudos to you!

Since it is in May you pretty much have an eternity to get ready.

I suggest you keep doing what you're doing.

You could incorporate some running into your walk.

I.E. Walk for 5 mins - then lightly jog for a minute or so - then walk again to 'rest.' As you build up your endurance you can run harder/longer during the running phase.

You could also incorporate lunges while you're walking to build a little more strength. Same as above - walk for a bit and every so often do lunges for 10/20 yards or so.

Plyometrics could also help you here since it helps the transition between strength and speed evolutions.

Good luck.
Thanks for the Tip! I, too, am doing the MOD Breat Cancer Walk in April. I do Jazzercise 5 times a week for an hour each class. I just haven't starting walking yet lol. So, I figured February 14th would be a good day to begin. Thanks again! :dye: :banana::banana: