"I put that sh*t on everything"


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It would depend.

I like Old Bay on almost all seafood.
I like Sriracha on most rice and noodle dishes.
And I probably oversalt and over pepper everything else.


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I dont' have any one thing, but the most often used condiment or seasoning I use is Horseradish.

Great on Roast Beef or a Burger.

Mixed with the right combination of ingredients to make a copycat Campfire Sauce like Red Robin.

Bump up the the spicyness of Seafood Cocktail Sauce for spiced Shrimp.
Its also great in deviled eggs and potato salad. Gives it a little kick!


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My new thing I love:

It works on literally everything that needs a kick. I can see myself putting this sh*t on everything.


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Recently discovered Old Bay Hot Sauce. Fantastic on seafood, deviled eggs, most anything you would put hot sauce on.