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  • Thanks for asking, she and my husband didnt hit it off to well. She was so sweet with me, but she was very timid around my husband, which made him uneasy around her. He asked me if I would reconsider permanently adopting her and try getting another dog we both could live with. So, it broke my heart and I cried like a baby, but I took her back. CAWL said they had another couple who was interested in her and that they were sure she wouldnt have a problem finding a forever home. Were going to try looking again after 09/08/2012 since we are going out of town that weekend. I really miss having a dog in the evening when I come from work. It took me a while to find her and she just seemed so perfect. I think my husband is looking for a dog like our "Nikki Girl" was and just has that image in his head of "The Perfect Dog". The woman at CAWL said she thinks its too soon for my husband to adopt another dog. She may be right.
    You haven't posted about your new Pup in a while. How's it going with her?
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