I see some pensions being seized!!!!


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Michael Moore eh??? FITTING... (oh, he changed his name from his fathers at a young age, nee: Sanchotena, because he faced discrimination in the South) He also was upset that LA did not mourn the death of some guy named George Floyd....

So, not to be displayed in public, but BLM, the Rainbow Connection and the Mexico flags are highly visible....

I guess in any officers basement is probably okay... and boy, if they are caught, TAKE THEIR PENSIONS!!!!!!
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But, of course, the "Union" may not even blink an eye. You see, hiring standards must be reflective of the community it serves. I would guess 50% of the new hires are bi-sexual Chinese immigrants with purple hair. ESL is racist.
Maybe the new American flag should be more inclusive.

Oh? You didn't know a new American flag is being considered?


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I'm sure the police union is livid, which is a sure sign that it's the right thing to do.
I'll keep this in mind when you get all livid over America & Patriotism.
It'll be a sure sign that it was the right thing to do...


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You know what else has been co opted by the white supremacists'? The numbers 1 & 6, so now we aren't going to be allowed to use those either. You have to stop taking your cues from idiots that dream this crap up for a living.