I think you misunderstood....


Darwin was right


Darwin was right
Trump died and obviously went to hell where he was greeted by Satan himself. Satan told Trump that they were filled to the max and there was no room for him. Trump thinking that was a good thing and asked, "Does that mean I can go to Heaven?"

"Nope," Satan said. "I'll just send someone on there way to make a spot for you since you are among the most evil beings I have ever seen. I'll give you three options to choose from."

He took Trump to the first room and there was Obama smashing rocks with a carpenter's hammer. Trump asked, "How long does he have to do that?"

Satan replied, "Until all the rocks are crushed."

Trump said, "I can't do that. I have bone spurs."

Satan took him to the next room where George Bush was jumping off a 1000 foot tower and doing belly flops into a shallow pool of boiling water. Trump said, "Nope, that will wash off my fake tan."

In the last room the entered there was Bill Clinton stretched back in a comfortable recliner and Monica Lewinski performing her usual oral act on him.

Trump immediately said, "Hell yea, I can handle that. I'll take this room."

Satan then said, "OK, Monica, you can head on up to Heaven!"


R.I.P. My Brother Rick
Mom, does Dad really eat light bulbs?

Well Beaver, all I can say is that every time I turned the light
out he said "Get over here so I can eat that!"