Identity: Who We Were, Who We Are, Who We Shall Become


Ubi bene ibi patria
Identity: Who We Were, Who We Are, Who We Shall Become by Jermaine M. Harris

"The information contained within this workbook is to enlighten and inspire two groups of African Americans; the first group are the people who are unaware of the cultural history of African Americans. The second group are the people who are aware of the cultural history, yet are compelled to sit with people from the first group and discuss the topics within.

This book was created by Black Family United, a non-profit organization that is committed to creating a common movement of cultural evaluation for the purpose for cultural improvement. Through the theory of "emotion evaluation", we suggest that the core functions of a particular culture can be studied by focusing on that group's use of the 14 basic emotions.

Thus this book breaks down what those emotions are, and how African Americans have used those emotions to create their culture. Additionally, this workbook creates room for specific dialogue between student and teacher / child and parent / mentor and mentee to promote understanding and a paradigm shift in how African Americans use those basic emotions."