Illinois Lawmaker Wants To Ban ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ Claiming It’s Responsible For Increased Carjackings


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Fox 32 Chicago reported that some in Illinois are blaming the video game series Grand Theft Auto for the recent spike, even though the franchise hasn’t had a new entry since Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online were released in the fall of 2013. While the games have received downloadable content and updates since then while maintain a massive regular fanbase, the lack of a new, headline-generating frenzy contradicts the idea that the video game is responsible for Chicago’s crime wave.

Still, activist and philanthropist Early Walker suggested the game could be at least partly responsible, and met with Illinois state Rep. Marcus Evans to draft legislation that would “amend a 2012 law preventing some games, including GTA, from being sold to children in Illinois,” Fox 32 reported.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Evans’ new bill would amend the 2012 law “to ban the sale to anyone of video games depicting ‘psychological harm,’ including ‘motor vehicle theft with a driver or passenger present.’”



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GTA is already Rated MA, what more do they want? If this were indeed true then why aren't there huge square castles all over the place because of ROBLOX and MINECRAFT? Where are all the black helicopters dropping off SpecWar operators with their suppressed MP5s? Barbarians from WoW (is that still a thing?) mustachioed Italians driving the streets flinging bananas and turtles?


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This is par for the course, whether it’s fun violence, drugs, car jacking, armed robbery, etc. unless you attack the source at its roots it will never be solved. GTA video game isn’t the issue. It’s the hang gangsta culture among other things that are the root cause.


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I'll bet if you look at other aspects of the home life these criminals are exposed to, you will see a correlation between fatherless homes and crime as well. It's time a certain element in society quit breeding like hamsters, and step up to be a father figure and support their loin fruit.

I was surprised when my buddy's son was playing GTA at about 10 years old. My son idolized the kid and wanted his own GTA at around 8. That kid has been in his own home for a couple years now and my son goes to closing in a couple weeks. My son is 22 now. Neither one have ANY police record, including traffic violations. Go figure.

These clowns are always barking up the wrong tree and making everyone else suffer. It's like when the teacher keeps the whole class in for recess because of one or two jackasses acting up.


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This actually made me laugh. Because it is always just as easy to carjack someone in real life as it is doing it on a monitor using a joy stick!

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Hows a kid supposed to learn how to sell weed and coke along wit buying and selling prostitutes ?
And lets not forget robbing and shootinf the boobs off the dead hookers, or finding dildos in thr dumpsters.

The reality is with the other necessary childhood things parents need to moderate, those games will teach kids to make good sound decisions or they shortly will be handicapped or dead.
But they need need those other things that kids need for a well rounded upbringing.