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Well, the beef wasn't a total disaster. Just sliced it, crisped up the bacon and put it on a ciabatta with mayo and tomato. Real good sammich.


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I was looking for something else and came across this video. I so want to try all of these.
Doctor is gonna shoot me.

Please don't try this without taking the cheese out of the wrapper and wax first! Concerned for your health. :buddies:


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It was a bust.

I baked it per direction 390*/2 hours. Sorely undercooked. Needed at least 45 minutes more. Finished the bird in the microwave.
The watermelon/drippings sauce was not to my liking. Needed sweetening or something, maybe vinegar. Cooked it down on the stove and used corn starch to thicken it, not per the instructions.
The chicken was incredibly moist and tender. Tasted very good at first, but I lost interest quickly. With only soy sauce and 5 spice for flavor, it was too monotone. Needed salt, but I'm on a low salt diet, so it was tolerable.

Best part of the dinner was my homemade sparkling lemonade. If I make this again, it will be just to cook the bird in the melon and forget the sauce, and modify the seasonings.

I'ma gonna try the beef filo rollup next time.
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