In a final act (hopefully) of trying to relevant...


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Jane Fonda Arrested During Climate Protest Outside U.S. Capitol
The 81-year-old actress was charged with unlawful demonstration and was later released on her own recognizance, Capitol Police said.


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Why did they release her at all?
That just invites her to come back again. Give her 30 days at DC Jail and you can bet your ass she won't be coming back.


God bless the USA
Damn shame she didn't trip in her cell and brake her Hanoi loving douchebag neck. 🤬
I was thinking she should have broken her neck on the Capitol steps. Either way, it would be the end she deserves.

It seems we will be seeing her again. Bummer.
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One would think, in these later years; she would want to spend more time with family...
She should go spend some quality time with her brother...


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Feinstein said Veteran should not have guns because PTSD has made them all crazy.
Jane Fonda is living proof that Feinstein is wrong.

She is still living.


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She is the poster child of hypocrisy. And, there are others. She is not alone. Rats, human feces, corruption, and disease come to mind. God bless the USA.
She exemplifies TERM LIMITS on both sides. :mad: Don't these ahole douchebags have lives??? They have all the money they could ever use so why not retire and enjoy it???