Influencer jokes she's 'too hot to date' as men are 'intimidated' by her looks


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A "chronically single" influencer has turned heads by joking she's "too hot" to date, with men "scared" by her looks.

Hope Schwing, 24, has never had a serious relationship and has little dating experience.

The influencer from Los Angeles, California, shared her struggles on TikTok and made a satire post about it.



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The bar for celebrity is incredibly low these days.
I'm not sure the term "influencer" really equates with celebrity. Seems like everyone (of a certain persuasion) with more than 9 followers on their socials uses that term.


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She has big boobs - other than that, she's just above average. Maybe she's just too damned annoying to be around.


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She only has big boobs. Other than that, ugly juvenile tattoos and arms like a fidddler crab. She may be worthy of McD's, but not even an expensive meal, IMHO.


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You know, I might be getting old but - a couple things I HAVE noticed over the years and one is -

1. Ain't no such thing as TOO attractive. There will ALWAYS be someone interested in you if you're very attractive. However, you may not be able to get the attention of someone YOU want.
2. You think you're lonely because you're too hot? Try ugly. And I mean, ugly. You'd be lucky to get people to look at you when you talk.
3. It has often been my observation that people who have used their looks to get what they want in life are deficient in social skills - they don't listen well, don't empathize, talk about themselves and have an overblown sense of their value to the world.

I have family members who've been through this - usually, something bad has to happen to make them someone people like other than superficially.

Looking at the comments on other sites about this woman - it's funny how many commenters are all saying wow do I know this! I feel ya girl.


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I’m too pretty to work — f–k getting up at 6 a.m. every day for 60 years

Lucy Welcher — a social media influencer with more than 10 million TikTok likes — made the bold declaration in a recent video that has fiercely divided the internet.

“I do not want to work for the rest of my life,” the blonde brazenly stated at the outset of her viral clip. “Does it look like I want to get up at 6 a.m. every f**king day for the next 60 years?”

“No! I’m too pretty for that!” Welch subsequently snapped, before taking a sassy sip of her iced coffee.

Viewers were quick to chime in with their own thoughts — with many slamming the self-confident content creator, labeling her “lazy” and “entitled.”

Content creator Lucy Welcher has caused controversy by claiming she's too pretty to work. The TikTokker later insisted her comments were made in jest.



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Today's social media influencer will be tomorrow's has been. Because there is a new flock of younger, attractive women just coming into their prime. And the current batch of beauty queens will mature and become less appealing to the masses.

Back in the 1980s, the same thing was happening on a much smaller scale. Casinos opened up in New Jersey. Each casino had hundreds of cocktail waitresses. Most young and attractive. 1 gal I knew fetched 3 drinks. That tab was $15, which for that time was a bit steep. The guy dropped 3 $100 bills on her tray and told her to keep the change. The tipper used to own the Philadelphia Eagles. I doubt if I had brought those drinks that I would have been rewarded equally.

So for a few minutes of work someone got more in a tip than I earned at my 40 hour a week union job. Most of those gals spent all that money they were making because at that time in your life you think it is going to last forever.


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Today's social media influencer will be tomorrow's has been.
That was my thought too. When she turns 25, what will her life be like? A sudden downturn in self-esteem as no one acknowledges her, no skills so no income., and she isn't that good looking to begin with.

But we underestimate her. She'll find a sugar daddy dumb enough to support her forever.


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I think everyone's covered it, but that girl won't always be attractive, and even if she is, people will tire of her ANYWAY, just as they have of every pretty starlet who's ever made it in Hollywood.