Islamorada Fish Company

You know, the restaurant associated with Bass Pro Shops. Had some good food there in the past. On my way home from North Carolina today, I stopped in. As soon as I entered, I knew it was different. Almost no people. The huge fishtank so was dirty you couldn't see thru it. The menu had many items removed, one or two added. No mo Po Boys. :ohwell: Everything on the menu were things that could be fast-prepared, not quality seafood items anymore. I tried the brisket sandwich. Awful. Just awful. They microwaved the crap out of the meat to heat it and dumped a huge gob of BBQ sauce on it. The onion rings were ok, but they have been repeating on me all afternoon.

There was another couple across the room. Waitress came over, removed their basically untouched dinners (looked like fish and chips). They settled their bill and left without ordering anything else.

Did a quick search online, seems the chain is under new management.

What a shame. They had a good thing going. Not going to stop there again.


Board Mommy
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That's too bad. Maybe if they get enough complaints and people stop going, they'll change it back. Hit them on Twitter or FB and tell them.

Bird Dog

Bird Dog
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Irma just F’ up the Keys.

No help, no kids working.

You can’t get anyone to do anything

It will get better......